11 Feb 2019

Weekly News

Dear Friends,
Trust in Him at all times, O people;
Pour out your heart before Him,
God is a refuge for us

‘The followers of Christ cannot expect better treatment in the world than their Master had.’  Matthew Henry

‘Crushing the church is like crushing the atom: divine energy of high quality is released in enormous quantities and with miraculous effects.’ Ben Fernando

Last Sunday morning we were considering the words of Jesus in John 16 vs 33. ‘In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.’  Please continue to pray for the persecuted church. Remember the importance of praying that the Lord would deliver us from evil and revive His work.
What a blessing on Sunday evening to hear of the reconciling work of the cross. The beautiful message of the church.

This coming Sunday morning, God willing, we will be in the sacred passage of John 17.  In the evening service we will be continuing with the theme of ‘The Church’. Please pray for the proclamation and reception of His precious word.
I trust the application of John’s gospel in the growth groups is a source of encouragement. Please support your GG and do express your appreciation to those who open their homes every week as hosts.

Remember to give thanks and to pray for the protection and blessing on all the children and young people under our care and for all of the workers. Again, do please consider volunteering to serve the Lord at Junior Church.

I hope last week’s interviews about Cefn Lea encouraged some of you to book for the church weekend away.  This has now been booked and more information will follow shortly.

Let us continue to be good neighbours by not parking our cars in Isleham close.  We have also been informed that Heath Road will be closed for resurfacing next week therefore there will be no vehicle access during the day. A one-way system will be in place after 6pm from Greenhill Road.

We mourn with David and Sara W and family at the passing of David’s mum, Val. What a beautiful, spiritual, Christlike lady she was!  Now absent from the body and present with the Lord!
We rejoice with Kate, Phil and Edward at the safe arrival of Rory.
Do please pray for the marriages of our local church.

Please pray for the widows and widowers of our fellowship.

Continue to pray for those who are unwell; Eric C, Millie McC, Ron D, Lorna A, Katherine G, Continue to uphold Inez A, Bill K, Pat R, Eric F, John and Janet B, Norman and Vina A, Anne T and Pam C.

Continue to pray for Mike and Trish.
Keep trusting, keep abiding, keep loving one another, keep asking for the Spirit’s help, Keep praying for the persecuted church and keep on keeping on! One day at a time. Eyes on Jesus only!

With much love