Standing on the Rock!

An evening with Ed Drew from

Faith in Kids.

We are excited to let you know that we are planning an evening seminar for parents, grandparents, and any who wants to be involved in disciplining children and young people.

Ed Drew is the Director of Faith in Kids, a registered charity, which exists to support churches and parents in raising children to trust in Jesus Christ eternally (

He is the author of ‘Meals with Jesus’, ‘the Wonder of Easter’ and the presenter of the Faith in Kids podcast.

For twelve years Ed was the Children’s Worker at Dundonald Church, SW London. He’s married to Mary and they have three children.

To help us plan and make the most of his great opportunity, please sign up below:


Reopening Plan

  • Please arrive each Friday for 6:15 prompt, there will be a considerably slower registration process to keep everyone safe so please bear with us.


  • Bridge Kids will finish at 7:15.


  • We kindly ask that drop offs/pick ups be limited to one parent/carer if possible, please also do not linger in the car park or building.


  • Children will need to arrive having been to the toilet, we need to limit toilet usage to a minimum.
  • Children will be in bubbles of max 15 each week, social distancing within these bubbles and hand-washing will be encouraged. The bubble will not change from week to week.


  • Leaders will be wearing face coverings, but it is not required for children to do so.


  • Children should not bring anything with them, like toys or snacks.


  • There will be no parent waiting area or parent ministry, when dropping off you will need to leave the premises and return for 7:15 pick up.

If we are informed of a child being confirmed as COVID positive, we will inform track and trace of all details of children in that bubble and all children and leaders in that bubble will be required to self isolate for 14 days as per government legislation.

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