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Keeping fit!

Wouldn’t it be great to use these strange times in which we live to grow our relationship with Jesus and keep spiritually, mentally and physically fit! A daily routine can really help us all!

Here is a simple guide you can use, every day, to flex and stretch your spiritual, and physical, muscles!

Why don’t you…

Start each day with quiet prayer and scripture.

Aim to start your day with prayer and scripture before anything digital! Start your day quietly, with God.

Develop a gratitude attitude.

Consciously look for things that you can be thankful for. Maybe write them down or share them.

Exercise or go for a walk.

-If at all possible, while maintaining proper social distancing, try to do some regular exercise or go for a walk.

Chat to someone close to you everyday, keep your relationships alive.

-Share with someone you’re close to what you have read or thought about each day. Keep relationships alive and open.

Take time away from social media, TV and the news.

-Limit the time you give to certain behaviours like alcohol, TV, late nights, junk food etc

Spend time in prayer and fasting once a week. 

-This is important but not something we think about that much. Once a week, arrange a time, maybe with a friend, to agree to go without breakfast and lunch and spend time in prayer. Maybe on your commute, in the shops, on your break, walking the dogs, on the school run. Look for a time.

Connect with your Growth Group weekly.

Make the commitment to be there regularly, as a discipline. It’s an opportunity to love and care for each other.

Keep your routine for Sundays.

-Attend in person or watch online each week. Make the effort to gather and join in with the after church Zoom…stay connected!

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