13 Mar 2016

The Visible Church (Colossians 4:7-18)


THE COURIER – Tychicus (v7-8)

  • A messenger, a beloved brother, a faithful minister,
  • a fellow servant & an encourager

THE FUGITIVE – Onesimus (v9)

  • The runaway who became a loyal & beloved brother

THE PRINCE – Aristarchus (v10)

  • A fellow-sufferer who rebukes our self pity

THE FAILURE – Mark (v10)

  • He “made a hash” of his first missionary activity, but is now back in Gospel work

THE COMFORTER – Jesus Justus (v11)

  • A fellow worker for the Kingdom & a friend in need

THE INTERCESSOR – Epaphras (v12)

  • He is a loving prayer warrior & a servant of Christ Jesus

THE PHYSICIAN – Luke (v14)

  • The medic & historian who would do anything for the gospel

THE DESERTER – Demas (v14)

  • He broke Paul’s heart because later the cares of the world snatched him away. (2 Tim 4:10)


  • Paul sends greetings to her AND the church that met in her house.

THE PASTOR – Archippus (v17)

  • “See that you fulfil the ministry you have received in the Lord.”


“Grace be with you”