07 Feb 2016

JESUS IS THE ANSWER! (Colossians 2:8-23)


1) ELITISM! (v8-10)

  • Don’t be kidnapped by HUMAN philosophy & human tradition.
  • You are complete in Christ


2) RITUALISM! (v11-15)

  • It is not circumcision that matters but union with Christ


3) LEGALISM! (v16-17)

  • Don’t let anyone pass judgement on you.
  • You don’t need the shadow, you have the substance – Christ


4) MYSTICISM (v18-19)

  • Let no-one disqualify you with claims of visions and angels.
  • You have the head of the Church – Christ.


5) ASCETICISM (v20-23)

  • Self made religion is severe but has no power