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THE SHEPHERD’S ARMS! (Luke 15:1-7)

THE SHEPHERD’S ARMS! (Luke 15:1-7)

1. LOST! (v4)

  • The Human Race is morally, spiritually, eternally and utterly lost

2. LOVED! (v4)

  • He knows, seeks, sacrifices & saves

3) LIFTED! (v5)

  • Into everlasting arms…
  • Onto the shoulders of salvation…
  • Into the joyous presence of God & His angels…
  • Into everlasting union with Christ…
  • Into life abundant, eternal & secure!


1. Lost people matter to God
2. True shepherds seek wanderers
3. If we want to bring joy into the heart of God we must reach out to the lost
4. There is hope for the hopeless
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