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BROKEN WALLS! (Nehemiah 1:1-11)

BROKEN WALLS! (Nehemiah 1:1-11)

  1. A REPORT! (v1-3)

  •         The walls of Jerusalem are broken down and the gates are destroyed by fire


  1. A RESPONSE! (v4)

  •         Weeping, Mourning, Fasting, Praying


  1. A REQUEST! (v5-11)

        Based on:
  • A reverent concern for the glory of God
  • An urgent request for the ear of God
  • A persistent appeal for the people of God
  • A humble dependence on the mercy of God
  • A serious plea for the action of God
  • A personal submission to the will of God


  • The kingdoms of this world only serve the Kingdom of God
  • The real concern of a true believer is always for the cause of Christ in this world
  • Erosion & apathy are some of the great concerns of the cause of Christ
  • Prayer is the key to change (to the heart of God & to the will of God)
  • You can make a difference – “Here am I, use me, send me”
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