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THE CHURCH 7. AT PRAYER (Acts 4:23-33)

THE CHURCH 7. AT PRAYER (Acts 4:23-33)

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1. The COMMUNITY of prayer (v23-24)

a) Release: Peter and John return to “their own” (v23)
b) Report: They tell, others hear (v24)
c) Response: “..they lifted their voices together to God” (v24)

2. The CONTENT of prayer (v24-30)

a) Sovereignty (v24) Who do you pray to?
b) Scripture (v25-26) What better words to use?  It fills, it directs, it determines. James 5:17,18; Dan ch9/Jer ch29
c) Supplication (v29) What they do and don’t ask. They’re specific.

3. The CONSEQUENCES of prayer (v31-33)

a) Filling (v31) – and what did they do?
b) Fullness (v32) – of Unity. If we pray together…..
c) Favour (v33) – “Great grace….”
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